How does it work?

It’s too easy!


Log in to your control panel
and get your link.

check blue 1 Lifetime commissions

check blue 1 60 days tracking cookies


Share your link through the
different channels.

check blue 1 Withdrawals through PayPal

check blue 1 15% Recurring commission


In your panel claim your
available earnings.

check blue 1 No minimum Payouts

check blue 1 15% Sign up bonus

Estimated annual revenue per 1 & 5 referred customers

Cloupsy Yearly Plan Sign up Bonus (15%) Recurring Commission (15%) Total 1 referred Total 5 referred
Freelance 1 $15.30 $15.30 $30.60 $153
Freelance 3 $78 $78 $156 $780
Professional 10 $122.40 $122.40 $244.80 $1224
Professional 40 $428.40 $428.40 $856.80 $4284
Business 60 $596.70 $596.70 $1193.40 $5967
Business 100 $841.50 $841.50 $1683 $8415

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my payment?
The second week of each month you will receive your payment, we will also confirm by email when the
disbursement has been made.

Where can I see my earnings?
In your control panel in the referrals section you will be able to have all the details of your affiliates and
commissions in process.

Can I pay for my hosting with my affiliate commissions?
Of course, you only have to indicate in the disbursement method option in your panel the one that
indicates add to my wallet and this will be credited as a balance for your invoices.

Are there any conditions?
Your referral must obtain a valid payment plan; Commissions apply for monthly and annual plans;If
you have a large number of referrals you will be eligible for special commissions.