We have created and connected our infrastructure in a strategic way, we use different data centers as colocation providers such as Hivelocity, GCP, OVH, IBM, AWS, Hetzner, among others, at their locations closer to the maritime connection points, so we achieve lower connection times.

datacenter providers 1

In addition to this your websites will go through Cloudflare’s Enterprise CDN network which will
make your site load from a place even closer to the location of your users, this thanks to its more
than 300 points of presence. In short, your website will be hosted on a solid and well thought out
infrastructure to give you and your customers peace of mind.

pop map 1

Cloudflare & Cloupsy CDN Pops

green hosting 1Green and friendly hosting

We choose our data centers to be environmentally friendly, offsetting 100% of the energy consumed
by using renewable energy sources and reducing air conditioning usage to almost zero with air and
water cooling, as well as supporting tree planting for each new customer. We are seriously
committed to making every effort to achieve carbon neutrality, to be energy efficient.