What is a WordPress Membership Site?

A WordPress membership site is a website that offers exclusive content, products, or services to its members. It allows users to become members and access restricted areas of the site, such as premium articles, videos, forums, or online courses.

Step 1: Choose the Right Membership Plugin

When setting up a WordPress membership site, the first step is to choose the right membership plugin. There are several options available, such as:

  • MemberPress: A feature-rich plugin with easy setup and flexible membership options.
  • Restrict Content Pro: A powerful plugin with advanced member management features.
  • LearnDash: Perfect for creating online courses with membership functionality.

Each plugin has its own features and pricing plans, so make sure to choose one that suits your specific needs.

Step 2: Set Up Your Membership Levels

Once you have chosen a membership plugin, the next step is to set up your membership levels. Membership levels allow you to group your content and set different access levels for each group. For example, you can create a free membership level with limited access and a premium membership level with full access to all your exclusive content.

Step 3: Create Membership Registration and Login Forms

To allow users to become members, you need to create membership registration and login forms. These forms will collect user information and create user accounts.

Most membership plugins offer built-in form builders that allow you to create custom registration and login forms. You can customize the fields, layout, and design of the forms to match your website’s branding.

Step 4: Protect Your Exclusive Content

Once your membership levels and registration forms are set up, it’s time to protect your exclusive content. You can protect your content by restricting access to certain pages, posts, or files based on membership levels.

Membership plugins provide different options for content protection, such as password protection, drip content, or even partial content restriction. You can also create members-only areas or forums with restricted access.

Step 5: Set Up Payment Gateways

If you plan to offer premium memberships or sell products or services on your membership site, you need to set up payment gateways. Payment gateways allow you to accept payments securely.

Popular payment gateways for WordPress membership sites include PayPal, Stripe, and WooCommerce. You can set up one or multiple payment gateways and configure the pricing plans for your memberships or products.

Step 6: Customize the Look and Feel of Your Membership Site

To create a stellar WordPress membership site, it’s important to customize the look and feel of your site to match your brand. Most membership plugins offer customization options that allow you to change colors, typography, and layouts.

You can also use WordPress themes specifically designed for membership sites or hire a web designer to create a unique design for your site.

Step 7: Test and Launch Your Membership Site

Before launching your membership site, it’s crucial to thoroughly test all functionalities, including registration, login, payment processing, and content access.

Ask friends or colleagues to sign up as test users and provide feedback on their experience. Make sure everything is working smoothly before announcing the official launch of your membership site.


Creating a stellar WordPress membership site requires careful planning and implementation. By choosing the right membership plugin, setting up membership levels, creating registration and login forms, protecting your exclusive content, setting up payment gateways, customizing the design, and thoroughly testing your site, you can create a successful and engaging membership site that delights your members.